Senin, 21 Juni 2010

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Yudhoyono Partner on a President General Elections

The president general election will be held at the moment. It is a citizen party to choose their next leader. The Presidents candidate are girding for a general election, they have to tried hard to be a winner. They have to choose their partner to friend them at a government.

Yudhoyono as a president candidate choose a Boediono as a partner at a general election. Boediono is a some one who have served for Indonesia as a governor of Indonesia Bank. He is not come from any party like other president partner, like Prabowo and wiranto.

Budiono is a neoliberal – capitalist it is capsize with a system in Indonesia which is propose the citizen economy. He ever conflict with Yudhoyono, when Yudoyono officiate a ministry which is Megawati as a president. It is possible repeated in the future.

Although This partner have a weakness but this collaboration is the better, if Yudhoyono choose his partner from coalition party, the party are not choosen is going to get out from a coalition with Demokrat. Yudhoyono – Boediono are priced by PATI will suppose the technology motion.

The last who is the partner is not important but who is the winner and who can modernize Indonesia. The partner Yudhoyono – Boediono are hoped will the the best for Indonesia.

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