Senin, 21 Juni 2010

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How to Make a Blog
There are a many methods to share information on the internet. We can use a blog on, because it is so easy and fast and we can to repair it if we make a mistake or updating the information.

First you have to made an email, You have to follow procedures by giving your identity in registering process such as name, birth, location and the important is your amail address name. Do not talk to any one about your privacy data on your blog, you can made it on Yahoomail, Gmail, Rocketmail, Plasa etc.

Second you open and answer the entire question, it is same with email procedures. After that, you will be received a new mail in your email and you must accept it for completing the registrations process.

Third you can start writing, you can write anything you want do not scare you lost your data because the blog is made with a password so it is secure, you can adorn your writing with image and you can.

Fourth if you have done click save to saving your work and click logging out to exit the do not exit immediately without clicking logging out it can be hacked with other persons who use a same computer and you may lost a data that you have saved on your blog.

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