Senin, 21 Juni 2010

Analytical Text

The alternative president used to be

Indonesia is going to hold the president general elections 2009. This is the citizen party democracy which make certain about Indonesia government, whole of Indonesian have to choose the leadership candidate to manage the system of government. The president candidate must have the high integrity to increase the humans’ power resources and the nature power resources.

Saiful mujani the director of LSI (Indonesia survey institute) approximately five of the strong presidential candidate appropriate with the series, they are: Yudhoyono, Megawati, Wiranto, Amin Rais, and Jusuf kalla said Saiful in Jakarta, Tuesday (10/4). They are the strong candidate from an old party who will be served to the mother earth and they promise to progress Indonesia country.

The presidents candidate from the old party were proofed with many achievement and have many experience in the politic world to control and to manage the system of government like Yudhoyono who made the KPK to exterminate who is corrupt stick out equal the alternative president used to be which are hesitated their ability. They are chosen with the selection way call DIB (board nation integrity) which used up a lot of time and a lot of money too, it is felt not useful, only feed the time, work and money.

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