Selasa, 24 Maret 2009


First thanks god, Allah SWT who has given me the mercy and blessing, piece and prayer to Prophet Muhammad SAW as my paragon in my live. Thanks my parents who always support me, Mr. Ichsan Taufiq as a Writing lecturer, all my friends in class A and other side who have helped me in completed this sheets pack codification.
As we know writing is part, of important thing that must be learned by a humans in the world who use the language for communication cause writing is one of alternative way, not only for communicate with other humans but also to express something in side hearth or mind.
Writing is a funny portion when it has become a hobby for humans because by writing some one can invent complagency. Writing is one of way to divisible a science, art, or any experience that are valuable for a humans living.
Nevertheless, Writing is a frequently difficult skill either for humans who use some of language or for humans who learn any language, Barbara kroll said: “Writing is frequently a difficult skill for any language user, which is to say that writing presents a challenging task for either native or nonnative”.
This sheets pack codification is based on assignment from writing I lecturer and one of the training as a teacher candidate in the future. It is far from a being perfect so I hope the reader can give author a suggestion and may a author have correct its. The last from author thanks for availability to read this sheets pack.

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