Selasa, 24 Maret 2009

Giving Suggestion

Majalaya – Pacet St.

02 January

Dear my friend Taufik
Hi, Taufik are you okay? Where you put your smile? You look like have any problem lately. Come on my friend you can to wake up from your problem and do not consider your self alone you still have a friend especially in class A, you can share with us about everything you want because class A is be your family now.
Oh yeah, if something happened to you and you can’t go to the campus, you must inform your classmate for giving the information to the lecturer. Don’t be lazy because you have strong desire. Don’t ask who I am, I’m a mysterious man but you must understand about my purpose, you can believe your friend.
The last from me keep your smile and be your self.

Mysterious man, your friend

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