Selasa, 24 Maret 2009

Bandung The Sweetest Place

Bandung is the capital city of west java province in Indonesia, and the countries fourth largest city. Located 768m above sea level, Bandung has relatively year – around cooler temperature than most other Indonesian cities.
Bandung has many impressive sights to see, ranging from historical such as Bandung lautan api, Tangkuban perahu legend. Bandung is the place of Asian – African conference which was a meeting of Asian and Africans states in 1995. Bandung also has many artistic buildings such as Gedung Sate and has many museums.
Bandung is an artistic city. Angklung is one of or other art in Bandung that has become unseparated, part from the history of Indonesian for many centuries. The glorious Voice of Angklung respected not only by our nation, but also by international community. Kabaya is the traditional shirt from bandung, it can make the used feel comfortable and the Kabaya never miss the period.
Bandung is a beautiful city, truly lung of country that is rich with its traditional style and sense of history. You never bored walk out in Bandung because the Bandung condition. You may feel comfortable in Bandung and you will say Bandung is the sweetest place; it gives you everything you need.

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