Selasa, 24 Maret 2009

Mauled Prophet Muhammad SAW

Mauled of Prophet Muhammad SAW (Prophet Muhammad SAW birthday) is celebrated by many Moslems in the world, especially in Indonesia. It celebrated at 12th of Rabiul awal in Hijriyah Calendar (Islamic calendar) every year; it is a time to remember the prophet Muhammad SAW fiht and thanks to Allah SWT.
Celebration in Indonesia
A lot of Moslem in Indonesia celebrates Mauled of Prophet Muhammad SAW with many religions ceremonial such as reading Shalawat, Barzanji praises or inviting speaker in the mosque.
Time of Celebration
Actually, a time for celebrates the Mauled of Prophet Muhammad SAW is began from the morning until praying Dzuhur with many ceremonial it’s continue after praying Isya up to 10.00 pm with Tausyiah from the speaker.

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